hocus pocus?

we’ve been accused of making magic happen.

It’s about light. It’s about beauty. It’s about you. We don’t consider photography our job – it’s our lifestyle, our passion. Take advantage of this by stepping in front of our lens. We work with you. Not for you. We hold your babies, we cry at your vows – our clients become our friends.

Magic doesn’t happen completely on it’s own. It needs to be enabled. Behind the lens, there is a support team. Assistants that do everything from help you choose clothing and manage a timeline, to carry equipment and setup lighting. A studio manager that handles the correspondence, the calendars, assigns the photo crew, negotiates pricing, and takes care of over 1,000 square feet of natural-light, hardwood-floor studio space.

“Pretentious lovers of light.” Yeah, you’re in good hands.

  • 15 years of commercial, portrait and wedding work.
  • Pricing and services customized for your expectations and needs.
  • National and international work, and a huge studio when we’re at home.
  • Digital delivery and full-rights ownership of imagery.
  • Online everything: contracts, releases, deposits, and galleries.
  • Experience handling farm animals, babies, firearms, and bridesmaids.
  • Fully configurable 1,000+ sq. ft. studio with staging areas, balconies…
  • We also shoot a variety of film on request or just because it’s… film.
  • Studio, location, or destination – the photographer comes with support (for him and for you)

our team


owner /primary photog

father, photographer, engineer, entrepreneur, traveler, and coffee snob – Adam has had a camera to his face since 2001 when he got his start shooting from a studio in the top of his barn. four studio moves later, his wedding and project work has been featured and sought nationally.


studio manager

Meg has been the secret weapon behind brockit for nearly the last decade. bohemian, master organizer, people-pleaser, and as skilled behind a computer as she is behind a rifle.


assistant  / second photog

Bryana is key to the success of shoots. she is the right-hand to Adam – assisting with equipment, locations, models, clients, details, and basically ensuring that everything secondary to shooting is seamless. a photographer herself, she often shoots second.


editor  / second photog

as our editor, Emily’s eyes see everything we photograph – literally every photo. a photographer herself, she also shoots second and was the first intern ever hired into our crew.


assistant  / second photog

often called “the other Adam” (because his name is actually Adam,) Griffis is our lighting tech, firearm handler, chaperone, and second shooter.


assistant  / muse

Heaven (her middle name is Lee. get it?) works as model and assistant, and reads Adam’s mind as well as Bryana. and she should – she’s been in our crew since… well, a very long time.