Often misunderstood, we define it differently than most. A muse is a person, place… or anything really. It can shape an experience or form a feeling. It inspires and elevates us. It changes everything.

Freely, wholly, completely uninhibited. Fully you.

Woman spinning with shawl outside near trees

These aren’t “just photos.” It’s an experience you’ll never forget. An experience that will likely challenge and change you.

Think small, intimate, destination, or elopements

intimate outdoor michigan wedding

If we’re signing your marriage license on the hood of a pickup truck on the shore of Lake Superior, or if your idea of a wedding involves less bridesmaids and more waterfalls… we are here for it.

It’s all about you.

Newly married couple laughs together

People are our jam. Whether in our studio or on location, we capture humans of all ages and walks of life.

Fashion. Drones. Real estate. Technology. We’re barely getting warmed up…

Copper Dog sled dog racer with dogs in focus in Upper Michigan

From headshots and triathlons to product photos for your Etsy store and aerial views of your latest build site… we shoot it all.

“Holy shit—that’s ME?!”

Pregnant woman in forest draped in greenery

Push your boundaries in a safe and encouraging environment. See yourself as we do, in a beautiful celebration of life.

Natural light. Whitewashed brick. Iconic green sofa.

Green haired woman on green couch in Brockit's photo studio

Large, open, airy spaces ready to be styled to tell your story. Bring yourself (or your whole posse) and we’ll handle the rest.

Drones, cameras, and lights—oh my!

Video still of woman with arms raised in waterfall

From waterfalls and witches to sled dogs and skiing—don’t forget the occasional sea plane—our cameras have captured it all.

meet adam

hi. it’s me. I’m Adam.

I’m your photographer. I prefer to drive barefoot. I spit out bad coffee. I cry at your vows. I hold your babies. I see more sunsets than sunrises. I’m a vegetarian who sneaks bacon when nobody is watching. I’m a tattoo addict and a big fan of glitter. more than anything—I strive to empower you through photography—to show you how I see you.

thank you for that opportunity, your vulnerability and your trust 🖤

how we work

meet our muses

ready to talk?

stories captured

“WOW! Amazing! I laughed and cried out loud looking through these! I am SO HAPPY we eloped with you! Adam is amazing!”

Sarah Fosgitt

“To put it simply, the experience of being photographed at Brockit is something extremely special. I’ve always had my own fears, insecurities, and shame around my body, but as soon as you step into Adam’s studio the world opens. Never have I felt so empowered and supported in a journey to love myself and through the magic of photography (especially Adam’s photography) I truly saw myself in a new light. I have gained more body-image confidence through two nano-shoots with Adam than I’ve had in years. I cannot recommend this business enough; you will never be disappointed in the photos you see.”

Tessa Tormoen

“When we were planning our wedding, one of the first things out of my mouth was “We are getting Adam from Brockit … not open for debate!” And “If he’s not available for our date we’ll just have to move the date is all”. I had taken a photography class from adam and was just so impressed with how much passion he has for his art. I learned so much from him and used both the information he taught me, and his previous works to inspire me to want to take pictures and turn what was inside my head into a tangible piece of “art”. Luckily for me my wife was on board 100% and our engagement photos as well as our wedding photos were beyond what we could have imagined. And to top it all off, my wedding gift from my wife was a private photo workshop with Adam. If anyone were to ask me who I would recommend for pictures. I can proudly say “I know just the guy for that!” Thank you Adam for all you do and share with the world!”

Paul Wehmanen

“These are amazing!! Thank you so much! Everyone at Brockit has been incredible to work with. I’ve already been recommending Brockit to friends.”

Andrea Wodzinski

“I have worked with Adam on multiple different shoots and have always been impressed with the results! I had family photos with our dog taken, boudoir, anniversary pictures, maternity and family photos with our new baby. Each shoot has had very different visions and Adam always takes the time to ensure I am happy with the end result. He takes your vision and elevates it to deliver wonderful photos. Probably my favorite shoot was on our sailboat for my husband and I’s 5 year anniversary. We had the sailboat anchored in White City and Adam not only drove me out to meet my husband at the location, but also motored around our boat in the dingy to get the perfect shot. The final images from the shoot are a dream. I can’t recommend Adam enough for any type of photos you need. He can do it all!”

Lauren Tetzloff
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