have you been captured?

Essence. Seven letters and two syllables that perfectly describe our passion. Our photos don’t just document a moment in time, they capture the chill in the air, the love in your eyes, and the emotion in your heart. We see you.

“Picture scantily clad models, a tattooed office staff, and a world class photographer with thousands of dollars of photo equipment jet-setting around the country for “work.” You’re probably imagining some dream world from New York or L.A., right? Well, prepare to have your mind blown, my friend, because I have first hand experience with this edgy band of outsiders, called Brockit. This Michigan photography crew hails from Houghton, way up in the Upper Peninsula, and if you’ve never heard of them you need to go check them out right now.”

Alex Beaton, AwesomeMitten

through our eyes.

From dogsled races to breweries to stunning brides, we share our clients’ journeys as viewed through our lens.

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“I’ve been involved with everything from shoestring budget short films to mega million dollar Hollywood productions, and these guys are very much the real deal.”
Jesse Land
“I am going to pee my pants. These are seriously soo fucking great!”
Theresa Tran
“I was just drooling over your photos…”
Jessie Brassard
“OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam, you are an amazing photographer!! The photos are spectacular!! We love them!”
Diane Taksey
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