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We’ve used our studio as many things…

lounge, dining room, movie theater, tattoo parlor, nursery, kennel, and oh yeah… a photo studio. Since December 2010, we’ve really been enjoying its use as a venue for hosting photo workshops. And erase thoughts of classrooms and verbose instruction. We’ve got live models, hands-on exercises, technical and artistic instruction, catered food, and fancy drinks.

Who are they geared for you ask? Well, if you nod your head or exclaim ‘yes!’ to at least two of the below, you should join us.

  • You have a good eye, but are wrestling with your digital camera.
  • You have good gear, but an eye that needs some training.
  • All of your winter shots seem to feature blue-tinted snow.
  • Your iPhone photos look like you shot them with an Android phone
  • Blurry photos of your kids and pets with red-eyes are the norm.
  • All the buttons on the back of your camera remain a mystery to you.
  • You are regularly asking someone ‘how did you take that photo?!’
  • You want to spend more quality time with your favorite photographer.
  • Santa gave you the camera on your wish-list, but forgot to show you how to use it.
  • You are insanely jealous of your friends’ Instagram photos.


Learn how, with a click of a shutter, you can create magic.

Workshops for all.

From the basics like framto advanced controls, learn it all.

Live models

Living, breathing models that listen to instruction. Imagine that.

Sweet studio space.

Think lots and lots of space. And light. Plenty of that, too.


We've learned that photography is hard, thirsty work.

Only the best.

Enjoy a catered lunch with craft beer, artisan whiskey, or fancy cocktails.

Brockit Swag

Organic cotton + mineral ink = perfection.

You earned it.

The best things in life are earned, and our Brockit tee is a prime example.

Pick your poison

Participants for BEGINNER and INTERMEDIATE sessions bring their own camera and smartphone for a hands-on, intensive session that will cover:

  • basics on photography (light, depth, framing)
  • mechanics of your own camera AND your smartphone’s camera
  • hands-on exercises in-studio with live models
  • controlling depth of field
  • creative framing
  • working with subjects
  • advanced lighting (reflecting, diffusing, remote strobes)
  • controls (exposure compensation, auto ISO, focus points)
  • mobile phone camera tips (capture, edit, posting to networks)
  • photo critiques, tips, and equipment recommendations
  • workflow and edits (Lightroom / Aperture basics)
  • fancy organic cotton, pure mineral ink printed Brockit ‘groupie’ shirt
  • SmugMug camera strap!

Cost: $250
Class size: varies
Duration: 4 hours w/ catered lunch & craft beer AND / OR artisan whiskey

And for a select few, ADVANCED sessions also bring their own camera and gear, and leave their inhibitions behind for an intensive session that will cover:

  • planning a shoot (vision, execution, tools)
  • working with a model (legal releases, protocol, payment, copyright)
  • nude photography (glamour, figure, and implied)
  • workflow and batch processing
  • multiple light sources (natural, and strobe)
  • advanced controls (exposure compensation, auto ISO, flash sync, focus tracking)
  • fancy organic cotton, pure mineral ink printed Brockit ‘groupie’ shirt
  • and yes, a SmugMug camera strap!

Cost: $250
Class size: 3
Duration: 4 hours w/ catered lunch & cocktail reception


What kind of camera is okay to bring?
Digital SLR and ILC cameras (both have interchangeable lenses) will be the focus (ha ha) of the class. We’ve taught one-on-one sessions with point & shoot cameras, and depending on the type of point & shoot, they will work. Just let us know what you are bringing in the registration so we can be prepared for your particular camera. Besides your camera, bring any lenses you have, an extra battery, an empty flash card, and something to take notes on. For smartphones, let us know if you’ve got anything other than an iPhone or Android phone so we can be prepared to cover mechanics and apps.

I have a Brockit Inc. gift certificate from an auction. Can I use this towards the class?

Do you give discounts?
If you are past, present, or contracted personal client of ours, yes! You’ll get a 20% discount.

I have additional questions. How can I contact you?
Easy… just send us a message.

How do I sign up?
If you are interested, please do the following:
• Sign-up by simply sending us a message, and please indicate your class, equipment and diet preferences.
• Wait for a confirmation from our studio, after which you will:
• Make a deposit

All workshops include:

  • glam studio space
  • instructor and assistants
  • eclectic background music
  • live models
  • a variety of beverage selections
  • catered lunch from our friends at Studio Pizza
  • cocktail reception (intermediate & advanced sessions)
  • over a decade of photo experience to share
  • bling (camera straps & t-shirts!)

Their words, not ours:

love, LOVE, love Brockit’s workshop!
BEFORE….auto mode (manual = too scary)
AFTER….manual mode all the time
Thank you Adam and Bryanna for the great class and making sense of a super camera. Its especially nice to learn that some of the dials have actual functions and weren’t finger rests
I had so much fun at the session and feel like I can finally grasp what I have been reading all of this time……..there was a ton to cover, and even with my camera, I felt like I was able to improve my pictures by the end of the day…and even the ones that didn’t turn out technically great, are cool in a way!!!
I’ve had an SLR camera for about 5 years and thought I could “self-teach” myself with books and just messing around, long story short, I was WRONG. I would regularly use the Auto program mode and anytime I tried manual my photos came out looking horrible. The Brockit team took the time to explain how and why everything in my camera works and while I still have a lot of practicing to do I know understand how the functions work and what I need to do to get better!
The class you held was fantastic and helped me in many areas that the online class did not. I was glad I had taken the online one just to get that step ahead on my camera before heading to the one you held.
Thanks so much for the workshop. Before I came in, I had no idea what ‘F-stop’ meant!
i had a blast yesterday and wanted to thank you again for teaching me how to finally get my camera off the P! i was messing around with shooting my daughter and got this awesome shot… on purpose; fully manual with all the settings chosen by yours truly. usually it’s just a fluke if i can get this good of a shot of her as she’s flying around the house. and even then i have to monkey with it in lightroom to get the colors and exposure looking right.