And this is where it all comes together. Take all of our commercial experience, combine it with our portrait work, stir in our avant-garde project work, and wrap it up with our love of all things light and beauty. What you’ve got is a photo crew that is as excited as you are for you wedding. We integrate ourselves into the day – and into your party. The reason is multi-fold. Instead of your hired photographers, we become your wedding guests that just happen to have a lot of cameras. Photos become candid. Scenes are real. We’re able to capture your day from morning make-up to midnight make-out from a very personal perspective.

“My advice to future brides and grooms. When looking for a photographer, take it from the perspective of you are adding another groomsmen or bridesmaid. For us, Brockit was that. We added two groomsmen and a bridesmaid. It was such a phenomenal day and our added groomsmen and bridesmaid fit in and captured all of the personalities and craziness.”

In this same spirit – we don’t offer packages. We’re not watching the clock. You’ve hired us for the day, for the weekend. We’re going to spend a lot of time with you, and we’re going to make you look as awesome as you were when you fantasized about your wedding as a child.

Getting going is easy. Contact us with details of city, state, and date. Tell us about yourself; how did you meet, what’s your vision, and what kind of dress have you been dreaming of. We’ll build a package based on the date, the season, and the location. You’ll schedule an engagement shoot, and discuss if you’d also like a bridal, portrait, or boudoir session as an added bonus. Boom. Next step: wedding.

Our clients truly become our friends.

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