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    A bit of a FAQ about empowerment shoots.

    These are as personal and vulnerable as they are empowering and fun.

    Regardless if you have a plan, a vision, or a location, you have an end-goal – it’s why you reached out to us in the first place. Let us know what that end goal is and we will work with you on how to get there. You can send us your inspiration such as photos from our website, our instagram, or your own late-night google searches. This helps us get a feeling for what you’re thinking.

    For location, we have large studio spaces to work in, but we also know all the best waterfalls, ruins, beaches, and sunny fields. We also love your own homes, clawfoot tubs, barns, and forests.

    We advise on wardrobe (and we have an eclectic one in the studio) and can even help give input to hair and makeup.

    We work with you by text, email, a call, or a meeting over a coffee or cocktail to fine-tune your vision. On your shoot (and on every shoot) we have an assistant to help you with changes and poses, and we encourage you to bring your bff and /or favorite beverage. Our sessions are generally about 90 minutes and we work through as many wardrobe changes and scenes as our pacing allows.

    Our deliverables to you are a curated set of images in a secure gallery. You can download the whole batch with one click, or order anything from an 8×12 glossy to a 60” wrapped canvas print with about two clicks. Our clients are private and we do not share their imagery unless we have a model release or agreement in place. Bottom line – we do not take for granted the vulnerability of these shoots or the empowerment they bring to our clients. “omfg – that’s me!” is often heard as we review the first shots with you.

    Green haired woman on green couch in Brockit's photo studio