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    I was wondering…

    Yes. Though we call them and treat them as full, professional portrait sessions. Full access to our crew, studio, and all the creative input your heart desires. We promise no fake backgrounds, or fake smiles.

    Everything we do is based on what we can do for your expectations. We don’t have packages. We make a package. Contact us and we can settle on pricing from a simple portrait to an overseas wedding within an hour. We book up to 24 months in advance.

    The bigger question is – when do we not travel? Tell us where you’d like us, and we’ll be there. It’s likely our bags are still packed from the last trip…

    We’re always using new faces for commercial, editorial, and project work. If you’d like to join this band of misfits, just contact us.

    Yes. It’s a thing. We’re not going to discourage it. And for the record: rye. Rye whiskey. Micro distilled if possible – because we’re that snobby.

    Yep. In the past, we’ve shot weddings with 35mm, medium, and large format film. Recently we’ve added color and mono peel-apart polaroid film that we shoot on a fully mechanical, medium format Mamiya that’s older than we are. It’s a beautiful complement to a wedding or portrait shoot.

    We spend a ton of time in the Fox Cities area of Wisconsin. Between there and the northern lake areas of that state with its vintage resorts – love it! Portland, Seattle, Duluth, Minneapolis, and San Fransisco are high on the list, and we frequent downtown Chicago and Detroit. Our heart belongs to Michigan and her Great Lakes, and we make our home in the unusually eclectic and scenic Keweenaw Peninsula.