When people say, “I’m from Detroit” I get intrigued. A Kalamazoo native, I frequent Detroit for business and pleasure, and it’s become one of my favorite cities. I truly love it. So when I ask for clarification on where in Detroit, I’m looking for an answer of Rosedale, Cass, or my personal favorite – Corktown. An answer of Auburn Hills will get an eye-roll. Let’s get back to Corktown though. Just west of downtown, it became a neighborhood in 1834. Much of the neighborhood (75 acres!) was leveled just after WWII to make room for industrial expansion – which never happened. Freeway development further gutted and divided the area. Home to Tiger Stadium since about 1901, this too was mothballed in 1999. While all of this makes Corktown sound like an abandoned wasteland – it’s not. And that’s why I adore it. In the early 2000s numerous revitalization efforts helped establish a vibrant foothold of some of the best restaurants, coffee shops, and cocktail bars, and the towering Michigan Central Station is currently being renovated. SO – when Jenny and Eric wanted to have their engagement session in Detroit, I said “meet me in Corktown!” Thank you to the good people at Astro Coffee, Metropolis Cycles, Grandma Bob’s, Mercury Burger, and Two James for your storefronts, cocktails, lattes, and hospitality. See you all soon.