If the fair weather months of 2020 could be summarized for our studio in one word, it would be “elopement!” One of our first weddings in the pandemic was an elopement on the shore of Lake Superior, at a remote, wood-fired, off-grid cabin. Masks weren’t even a thing yet. My poet / Northwoods Preacher friend and I drove down a narrow two-track, drank whiskey, and signed the marriage license on a stump in the woods. This pattern continued through the season – really taking off when we partnered with the boutique Vault Hotel and our favorite Keweenaw florist, Protea. So it was only fitting that one of the last weddings of the season was an equally DIY affair on the shore of Lake Superior. Kalin and Paul met us in Marquette. We met their cat, drank wine, and walked through the historic neighborhood to a spot they’d selected on the shore. There was sleet, there was laughter, there were some tears, and there was a lot of kissing. I always try to blend into the background by practice, but when you’re among 8 others, it’s hard to be transparent. To be welcomed into the fold, to be treated not as a service or even a guest, but integrated as part of a family – well… my heart swells. Post ceremony, we walked, talked, and took photos on our way to dinner at Elizabeth’s Chop House in downtown Marquette – a fleeting amount of time in Michigan when you could eat indoors! Best to this couple. I look forward to keeping in touch with you.