Shelter in place. Stay at home. Michigan’s “Executive Order 2020-21 (COVID-19).” These do not make life easy for anyone. Selfishly, they make it hard for photographers whose primary business is photographing people. I certainly have a backlog of work and no lack of content to post, but our last portrait session was March 16, and our last commercial shoot was 2 days after that – both requiring a lot of attention to distancing and sterile environments. Antsy for new content and wanting to find a way to show a human element to the mess we’re in, I asked for photos of you; from your couch and as you were in-place on Friday March 27. By the next morning, over 70 of you sent me photos. I didn’t edit them. I picked 20 of them and posted two photosets to Instagram. In addition to being an intimate view into your living room, you also offered me perspective on how you were feeling. You’re bored and lonely, but you’re also optimistic and hilarious. “I would send you a photo, but I haven’t brushed my hair in a week and have been living in my pjs” to which I responded – “but that’s what I want!” Another: “I’ve been quarantined for 13 days and I’m learning how to still have all the parts of me. Even if it’s alone in my house.” Or, “Thank you for doing this. It’s the first thing I’ve put makeup on for in two weeks and I love it.” But I’ll let the photos tell the stories. Here are some of my favorites. Thank you for being vulnerable, and thanks for playing with me. Stay connected. Stay healthy. xo