People ask me all the time – “where is your favorite place to shoot?” My answer…. “it depends!” Certainly the shores of Lake Superior, Colorado’s mountains, California’s redwoods, West Virginia’s hills…. but one element all of those locations have in common – they all have farms. Consistently, farms offer so much variety. There’s texture, light, color, and angles to be found in and between buildings, equipment, orchards, and fields. One of our favorite farms in northern Michigan continues to be Belsolda Farm. Bella, Solen, and Ida are so accommodating that they’ve even let me sleep overnight on the grounds! (I always travel with a hammock and a sleeping bag…) Melissa and Ryon were ultra savvy and hired Dia de los Tacos to serve their guests, and have the notoriety of being the very last wedding that the infamous blue taco truck would serve after it’s 5-year run 🙁 A selection of imagery below so you can see what the day looked like. Shot on: Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8, 85 f/1.4, 50 f/1.4, and FujiFilm 56 f/1.2 and 16 f/1.4