A side of us you may not know of: commercial. That billboard, website header, advertisement, or travel brochure – there’s a good chance that was us. We’re often the hired gun for regional (and not so regional) marketing agencies, hospitals, architecture firms, and whenever we can help it – Michigan restaurants, breweries, and distilleries. Our studio spaces allow for controlled lighting for product and portrait work, but we’re often onsite. Such was the case when the owners of the new restaurant “Krunch” in Houghton MI called us in. Their brand is “fast casual” and the fact that half their menu is veggie / vegan made us pretty much run right over. (Check out their Yelp if you don’t trust me.) Instead of the usual photos of food, we focused on creative shots of people, and specifically some new t-shirts from StayNorth Clothing. We asked Emily for some direction, but she said to “do what you do.” So here’s what we did.