We adore our teenage clients. Creative. Fun. Photogenic. When Erin approached us about portrait sessions, we knew it would be the best of all of those qualities. Erin has worked for our studio as an intern and occasional second shooter on numerous occasions, and has recently been accepted into a photography program in Chicago. She’s a natural beauty with some, uh… vibrant hair. Like most of our sessions, she sent some inspirational photos to help set the vision and we ran with that for her shoots. Plural. Like a good artist and lover of northern Michigan, she wanted to be framed in multiple seasons and we happily obliged. Erin – you have been a joy to work with, and were a pleasure in front of the camera too! Come back and play with us anytime.

Shot with Nikon, 50 and 85mm. Natural light with LED in-studio.
Assistant: Bryana
Photographer: Adɐm

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