The annual St. Patrick’s Day storm has hit the Keweenaw and as we’re still shoveling sidewalks and scraping our windshields, we can’t help but crave a bit of sunshine. So here is a shoot we did last fall, on a surprisingly hot day in September. Adam had long wanted to do a sunflower shoot so when one of our fans in Northern Michigan offered up her farm for a creative project, we couldn’t resist the invite. Even with a 90 minute drive just to get there, a few models were more than willing to make the trip. As we arrived, our host greeted us with a bottle of Blanc de Bleu Cuvee Mousseux, showed us the property, introduced us to her tractor named Big Sexy, and promised to chase off any tourists. (Which she did!) We enjoyed the blue bubbles and let our creativity guide us. Please enjoy the set as you daydream about summer with us, and thank you to Sharon for hosting our crew and providing such a beautiful location for a shoot. Much love.