Rebecca and Caleb came to us with a vision for their elopement. They wanted their imagery to be far from what you would normally think of when you think of wedding photos – they wanted something… darker. They wanted art. If you know us, you know that we were very excited to bring their vision to life. It’s what we do. They brought their own props – including a deer skull, a handmade lantern, drinking horns, and 100 candles – give or take. We were tasked with finding a location that fit the dark forest aesthetic they were going for, so our immediate thought was to head up to Estivant Pines and nearby Manganese Falls in Copper Harbor, Michigan. Both locations provided plenty of shade even on a very sunny August afternoon, and with just the four of us, we weren’t constrained by time, so we enjoyed hiking, fighting mosquitos, exploring – and making use of the drinking horns.

We don’t take for granted the trust our clients put in us to execute their vision, and on our side, it’s wonderfully cathartic. Enjoy.