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  • renata and ben

    Truth: I'm terrified of chair lifts. Some time in the Swiss Alps took the edge off my white-knuckled approach to them for sure, but I'm just always waiting to hear the snap of a bolt and see the rocky terrain racing towards me, cameras undoubtedly [...]

  • whitney and chris

    A picture perfect wedding in the northwoods of Wisconsin. A speciality of ours for sure. Armed with three cameras, bug spray, sunscreen, and assistant Heaven Lee, the oasis of the Chippewa Retreat Resort surrounded by lakes and trees was the perfect setting for Whitney and [...]

  • jennifer and josh’s engagement

    Jennifer, Josh, and Madeline. No need to write anything. They were lovely. Just. Lovely. Enjoy browsing the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

adam and eve

Inspiration? Blame NPR. Blame the Bible. Blame both… Recently there was a great story on [...]


We keep looking for a better term than 'Senior Photos.' It just reminds us of [...]

crazy kids

In addition to charismatic opera singers, gorgeous brides, tattoo covered beauties, youthful high-schoolers, sweaty triathletes, [...]

canal run 2011

More inspirational, guilt-inducing racers in this year's race. Technically the guilt isn't your fault, its [...]

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