Inspiration? Blame NPR. Blame the Bible. Blame both… Recently there was a great story on NPR’s Morning Edition, and this combined with an unexpectedly free 90 minutes on a random evening prompted a quick posting to our group of always willing, knows-no-modesty, group of beautiful models to create a cathartic set of images. We lucked out on two perfect volunteers – complete with Biblically-appropriate features like long flowing hair for Eve and dark facial hair for Adam – not to mention long limbs and fair skin for this classic story. Both have had experience with not only our projects, but modeling for Finlandia University’s life drawing classes as well. Plenty of experience, plenty of confidence, and with two signed model releases, we were in business. We used Thimbleberry leaves in lieu of fig, and did a couple 21st century variations on the iconic image in Garden of Eden. We shot in a secret spot near our studio that we use in all seasons, and worked a couple scenes with some great natural light. The water shots worked the best with the light and the framing, and gave us more contrast to the shot. Thanks to assistant Tania for the apple 😉 And hopefully nobody is too offended or takes themselves (or us) too seriously –  photog status as Catholic AND named “Adam” give proper credentials for creative liberty….

classic version

modern version

Adam misses out

psh! who needs Adam anyway?